Tour Scholarships
As an organization, we understand that some of our band families may need to seek financial assistance in order for their band student to travel with us. If this situation applies to you, please contact Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman right away as to inquire about funding options. Here are several of the opportunities we offer at ETHS:

Fund Raising
The ETHS Fine Arts Department offers many fund raising opportunities throughout each school year. For more information, click the link above.

The Unterman Fund Application - Due to Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman by Friday, September 18th.
The Unterman Fund is designed to help ETHS students with financial need with tour costs. If you are interested in applying for Unterman funding, please click the link above for the application and submit it to Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman right away.

Band Travel Scholarships (Limited)
The 2015 Mattress Sale was designed to generate scholarship money to be put towards the trip payments of students with financial need. In addition, several of our generous band families have kindly donated additional travel money to help offset the cost for other students in our program. To apply for funding, or to donate to this fund, please contact Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman.