ETHS Marching Percussion Section - Brett Baxter, Director
The ETHS Marching Band percussion section includes the Drumline and the Pit, or Front Ensemble. This section serves as the musical accompaniment and pulse of the Wildkit Marching Band, and is often a featured section in the half-time show, in the stadium stands at football games, and in parades. This ensemble is also responsible for many of the traditions associated with the Wildkit Marching Band, from cadences to cheers!

The Drumline, or Battery, is the marching contingent of the percussion section. This group includes Snare Drums, Tenor Drums (4-5 mounted toms of varying sizes/pitches), pitched Bass Drums, and Cymbals. Being in Evanston, the ETHS Drumline shares the same traditions and drum cadences as the Northwestern University Drumline.

Pit Percussion
The Pit, or Front Ensemble, is a full concert/orchestral percussion section just off the field in front of the Drum Major. Instrumentation includes keyboard instruments (orchestral bells, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, synthesizer/piano), Timpani, concert bass drum, and a myriad of auxiliary percussion instruments (claves, croatales, shakers, cabassa, bell tree, brake drum, ratchet, etc.) depending on the stylistic demands of the half-time show concept. Members of this section often join the drumline on traditional drumline instruments for parades and cheers in the stadium stands at football games.

Winter Drumline
In addition to fall participation through the Wildkit Marching Band, the ETHS Drumline continues throughout the winter and spring months in the form of a Winter Drumline. This group learns new cadences and cheers for potential performance at home Basketball games, the Winter and Spring Pep Rallies, and at other internal and external events. This group is open to all ETHS Band students. Rehearsals run from late November through the Spring Percussion Showcase concert in May.

Percussion Auditions
Each year, percussion students are required to complete a percussion audition for placement in either the Drumline or Pit Percussion sections of the Wildkit Marching Band. This audition serves as a basic skills assessment to ensure that all percussion students can be placed on an instrument where they can best grow as an individual musician while contributing to the percussion section as well as the band as a whole.

Audition Requirements
All new and returning percussionists must complete a basic skills assessment as outlined in the materials below.

Percussion Auditions Flier 2016

New Percussionists
Thank you for your interest in the ETHS drumline! If you are reading this, you did NOT march in the ETHS drumline this past year, but are hoping to for the 201617 season. Please carefully read the following details for the upcoming audition.

- Prepare the following from the Battery Exercise/Snare Packet
- 8 on a hand
- Bucks (Both variations)
- Slow Diddles (Gallop)
- Triplet Accent
- Prepare the following from the Front Ensemble Packet
- Scale exercise in C, F, and Bb Major ONLY
‐ There will be a short sightreading passage on snare drum

New members will be given a more general audition process, on both mallet and battery instruments. This will insure that new members are placed in the section/instruments that fit their skill-set most comfortably.

Tempos to be practiced should be varied. Start at tempos as slow as 8090 BPM, and increase accordingly; you can go as fast as 180 BPM! ALWAYS PRACTICE WITH A METRONOME!

New Percussionist Audition Materials - See Below For Instrument Packets!!!

Returning Percussionists

Battery Members
‐ Prepare ALL of your perspective packets, depending on instrument (Snare, Bass, Quads)
‐ Bass and Quad hopefuls will be expected to play the exercises both in unison, as well as the split parts. (Snare packet is included in Bass and Quad packets)

Front Ensemble Members
‐ Prepare the Front Ensemble Scales exercise in ALL of the keys, via Circle of Fourths (Details are listed in the Front Ensemble Packet)

Tempos to be practiced should be varied. Start at tempos as slow as 8090 BPM, and increase accordingly; you can go as fast as 180 BPM! ALWAYS PRACTICE WITH A METRONOME!

Returning Percussionist Audition Materials - See Below For Instrument Packets

Instrument Packets:
Snare Drum
Quad Toms/Tenor Drums
Bass Drums
Front Ensemble (Mallets)