The Wildkit Marching Band
The ETHS Wildkit Marching Band is the Pride of ETHS! Representing the spirit and enthusiasm of our school through music, marching, and cheers, this ensemble plays at all home football games, the fall pep rally, and at competitions and parades in Evanston and beyond.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule
The Wildkit Marching Band is a co-curricular performing ensemble and has regularly scheduled rehearsals during 6th period each day during Marking Quarter 1, as well as several evening rehearsals in late August through early October. Our summer rehearsal schedule includes several rehearsals in June in preparation for the Evanston July 4th Parade and a summer Band Camp in early August at George Williams College on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. For a complete rehearsal schedule, visit our Band Calendar page or our Marching Band Calendar page for a full listing of Wilkit Marching Band Activities.

Absence Request Form
The Marching Band at ETHS is both an academic class (meeting within the school day) and an extra-curricular activity and is therefore considered to be "co-curricular" by ETHS. For academic reasons, an anticipated missed performance or rehearsal must be approved in advance in non-emergency situations. Absences and Tardies can have an impact on your grade and your Honors Credit eligibility.
In addition to the academic reasons for reporting absences in a timely manner, the ETHS Marching Band is a highly athletic and cognitive activity requiring endurance, stamina, and many repetitions to assure consistent reliability and accuracy in performances. Absences and Tardies diminish the time spent learning and practicing with the group and will result in a lower quality result at a personal and group level. In addition to the physical and mental demands of Marching Band, this activity/course has elements of theatre, dance, and music - all of which are highly synchronized and interdependent. Reporting absences in advance allows the group some time to prepare for your absence and setup those around you on the field for success.
Whenever possible, and with advanced notice, our instructional staff can coordinate absences with ETHS coaches and club sponsors using an agreed upon set of "Guidelines For Student Conflicts Between ETHS Activities." If your student is involved in another ETHS activity, please consult our Marching Band Calendar, located at, as well as the activity calendar and alert us of any potential conflicts at the start of the season so that we may coordinate these absence conflicts amicably and well in advance of any challenges they may pose to your fellow band-mates, team-mates, and activity peers.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Let's make it a great season!
-The ETHS Band Staff

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ETHS Marching Band Absence Request Form

The 2016-2017 ETHS Wildkit Marching Band Halftime Show
We are proud to present the 2016 ETHS Marching Band Halftime Show - (Announced on March 3rd) Drill and Drill Video, as well as PDFs of our Halftime Show Music will be posted on the Marching Band Materials page as it is developed. This page will also serve as the home of rehearsal and performance video and audio clips for student review and critique. Stay tuned for many exciting updates!
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Marching Band Materials Page
Here, you will find links to our sheet music and mp3s/videos for the season! Click the link below!

Marching Band Materials Page

Recruitment Materials

2016-2017 Recruitment Poster

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Pre-Season Forms And Information

2016 Summer Marching Band Mailer

Parents - Please Volunteer To Help Us Out!

The high school years are such a wonderful and exciting time for kids to explore their interests - and ETHS is a pretty amazing place to be a teenager. These four years are packed with opportunities, experiences, and friendships - and they are going to fly by, trust us! The ETHS Marching Band will provide some great memories for the students and families who are a part of it - and we would like to extend an open invitation to all of you to join us!
Each event we attend as a band will offer many opportunities to help out as a chaperone or provide critical support for our students and directors as volunteers. From wheeling equipment on the field to hemming uniforms, our adult support system is truly the backbone of our organization which helps us as directors to develop the program to a high level. Please visit the webpage below to view the list of events and parent volunteer positions. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a front-row seat with the Wildkit Marching Band!

For more information on becoming a marching band uniform volunteer, contact Bonnie Bean at and Barbara Badr at