Oct 2015

US Navy Commodores Performance: RECAP (Wow!)

Good Morning ETHS Families,
Wow, what an incredible evening from the United States Navy Band Commodores Jazz Ensemble!  The group played with an unparalleled level of precision, bite, virtuosity, and creativity that captivated us all.  The group and their musical director were extremely appreciative of the hospitality they received while at ETHS and were very complimentary of our students’ talents.  The group was especially impressed by the interactions with our students.  Nearly every member of the Commodores came up to me and complimented on how mature, genuine, inquisitive, and cordial our students were.  Our students represented themselves, the ETHS Jazz Program, and ETHS in the best way last night—way to go!
A special thank you to ETHS Jazz Ensemble parents Jeanie B and Jessica Clarke for organizing dinner for the Commodores and the ETHS Jazz Ensemble. 
Have a great weekend,
Mike Lehman

MB Not Going To Playoff Game 1 & Marengo Assignment

Attention Marching Band Students,
To clarify, I received two online reports about our first playoff game scheduled for this weekend - one report said the game would be on Saturday, the other said the game would be on Friday.  I have been in good communication with our athletic department and have confirmed the playoff game will in fact be this Friday evening 10/30 at 7:00 p.m. in Streamwood.  As we considered the schedule of our band members for the week - with a Wednesday evening concert, Thursday evening Navy Commodores performance, and Friday D65 Band Day with 250 7th & 8th grade students, we just could not see getting our kids on buses at 4:30 to drive to Streamwood and have them return close to midnight.  Therefore, the ETHS Wildkit Marching Band will not be performing at this weekend's Playoff Game 1.  We wish our team the best of luck as they take on a tough opponent.  
    Please be advised that if our team wins this weekend, that puts us in a position to host Playoff Game 2 at ETHS next weekend.  Details will follow next Monday morning as they did this week should we need to move any of our scheduled events around to field a band for such an opportunity.

Marengo Reflection Assignment
    It was brought to my attention last Friday morning (the due date) that the mp3 players on our marching band website were not loading the judges comments in their entirety.  I have since taken them down and replaced them with a link to my Dropbox folder so students can still complete the assignment.  I will accept any late entries for this assignment up until this Friday with no penalty.  After this Friday, the marking quarter will be over and I cannot accept any late entries.  Students are encouraged to complete this assignment for self-improvement as we bring our season to a close.

Go Kits!
Mr. Bufis

Your Help Needed: ETHS Jazz Festival Planning Meeting 11-2-15, 6:30-7:15pm

Good Afternoon ETHS Families,
It is Evanston Township High School Jazz Festival Planning Season!  The ETHS Jazz Festival is an incredible day of music, education, and appreciation for our students and our (nearly) 1,000 visitors!  The festival is completely operated by parent and student volunteers, and I would love to have you on board for this event!  Below you will find information on the festival as well as on the volunteer positions.
About the festival

Established in 2004 as a non-competitive, all-day jazz immersion event, the Evanston Township High School Jazz Festival hosts nearly 50 middle and high school jazz groups from around the region.  Students of all levels are inspired by professional musicians, enlightened by our clinics, lectures, and master classes, and encouraged to take their playing to the next level.  This educational and cultural jazz festival has earned its distinction by providing the opportunity to showcase local, national, and international artists.  It is the mission of the Evanston Township High School Jazz Festival to provide an important supplement to the students’ pursuit of jazz by highlighting the enduring elements and important innovations of this distinctly American music.

Festival Events
Student Performances

Jazz ensembles from schools large and small perform in front of an audience to build their performance experience. Our adjudicators and clinicians are world-class professional musicians, university professors and educators that share their expertise with each group during a 30-minute clinic following its performance. 

Clinics & Master Classes
Brass Technique Clinic with Audrey Morrison
Saxophone Technique Clinic with Chris Madsen
Rhythm Section Clinic with Joan Hickey, Marlene Rosenburg, and Bob Rummage
Noontime Concert with Mark Colby Quartet

Special Lecture/Clinic with Donny McCaslin

Evening Concert

We are thrilled to feature virtuoso tenor saxophonist, Donny McCaslin at our evening concert! The evening begins at 7:00 p.m. in the ETHS main auditorium with a set from ETHS’s own Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Mike Lehman, followed by an evening of great music from Donny McCaslin. Tickets are $20 for adults; $15 for children, students with I.D., and seniors. All seats are reserved. All proceeds from tickets sales go toward enhancing the Jazz program at ETHS and will provide more fantastic music opportunities to ETHS students. For more information on Donny, please visit www.donnymccaslin.com.

Ways to Help

There are a myriad of ways to get involved: Committee Positions (no experience required), Assistant Positions (no experience required), and Festival Day Volunteers (no experience required).  All of these jobs are important and do not require prior experience, huge time commitments, or huge workloads.  In addition, ALL of these positions have extensive information written for you by parents who previously held these positions (it is truly no experience required!).   Below is a list of needed committee positions:



School LiaisonDisseminates and collects info to and from participating schools and oversees schools on day-of.  Also helps Homeroom Coordinator.Available
Program Book Ad Sales CoordinatorSolicits ads for program book, arranges for payment, and coordinates with layout coordinator.Available
Graphics CoordinatorOversees design and production of program book cover, posters, t-shirts, flash drives, certificates, and any other items with graphics component.  Coordinates with Signage Coordinator to design and produce needed signage.Available
PSA CoordinatorWrites, records, and distributes PSAs (public service announcements).Available
Day-of Parent Volunteer CoordinatorRecruits, schedules, and supervises day-of parent volunteers.  Coordinates with Student Volunteer Coordinator to make sure all volunteer positions are filled.Available
Concessions CoordinatorOversees the procurement and sales of concessions to guests and supervises volunteer help.Available
Judges’ Meals CoordinatorOversees the procurement, serving, and clean-up of light breakfast, lunch, and snacks to about 15 judges and faculty.  This job can be shared by 2 people if need be.Available
Guest Artists’ Dinner CoordinatorOversees the procurement, serving, and clean-up of dinner to guest artists and faculty.Available
Performance Venue CoordinatorOversees running of performance venues and supervises venue assistant and venue runner volunteers.  Coordinates with Tech Coordinator regarding equipment.  Produces judges’ info packets, venue packets, and venue clipboards.Available
Signage CoordinatorWorks with graphics coordinator to produce and post needed signage including informational and directional signage.  Produces and makes available school maps and schedules for visitors.Available
Tech CoordinatorOversees set-up, take-down, and running of venue equipment including video cameras and voice recorders.  Supervises videographers.  Oversees tech help who copy recordings onto flash drives.Available
Homeroom CoordinatorMakes sure homeroom keys work and are correctly labeled, helps set up homerooms, and returns them to previous condition post-fest.Available
Donations CoordinatorSolicits donations for needed items and organizes donation info for program book.Available

There will be an ETHS Jazz Festival Planning Meeting on Monday, November 2nd at 6:30-7:15pm in the Fine Arts Conference Room (A119) for all those interested in helping.  This is a no-obligation meeting.  Please come, get information, and considering offering your talents to help this incredible festival take flight. 
Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to seeing you on Monday, November 2nd!
Mike Lehman

Marching Announcements Concert Week 10/26-10/30 2015

Good Afternoon Marching Band Students,
As you may have heard this morning, our football team will go on to play South Elgin this Saturday evening 10/31 at 7:00 p.m.  I have no further details to offer at this time, as plans are still materializing with athletics, but I will pass on more information as a plan comes into focus.  In the meantime, here are some other pertinent announcements:

Fall Band Concert - Wednesday 10/28 at 7:00 p.m.
    A reminder that the Marching Band will perform at this week's concert with our fall concert bands and orchestras.  Call time is 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium.  All Marching Band and Color Guard members will leave the auditorium immediately following the Fall Symphonic Band to get in uniform and line-up in the hallway as rehearsed last week.  We will cadence in, perform our show, play the Cheer Song, and cadence out.  We will also rehearse this one more time on Wednesday during 6th Period - which means all Freshmen marchers and Fall Symphonic Band marchers will do double-duty (please bring your lunch to school).  The concert will be a great way to record and archive this year's show!

D65 Band Day - Friday 10/30 during Period 6
    We will perform for our D65 friends during Period 6 on Friday - so wear your Marching Band t-shirt to school on Friday and report to your lines outside of the auditorium ASAP at the start of period 6.  We will repeat our Wednesday evening performance and allow time for questions from our 8th grade students.  The 8th graders will also join us for the Cheer Song at the end of the period.

Marching Band Banquet - Friday 11/6 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
    Our annual Marching Band Banquet is currently scheduled for next Friday 11/6 (pending playoffs).  We are looking forward to a final party to cap our season for all of our Marching Band, Color Guard, and Acting students - complete with Senior Speeches (please cap at 2 minutes), a slide show, superlatives, and more!  All Senior parents are invited to attend with their Marching Band student.

Please Return All Equipment
    All Marching Band students must check in their school equipment next week.  This includes drill chips, Pep-Books, borrowed lyres and flip folders, instruments and mouthpieces, flags/rifles, uniform parts, etc.  These items will need to be inventoried, assessed, etc. to prepare for next season.  Please plan to have your gear checked in by Wednesday (pending play-offs).

Thanks for a great season - let's finish strong!

Go Kits!
Mr. Bufis

Band Concert-Week Announcements 10/26-10/30 2015

Good Morning Band Families,
    We are looking forward to a great final week of "Fall Bands" and our annual D65 Band Day.  See below for more details!

Wednesday 10/28 Band Concert - 7:00 p.m. ETHS Auditorium

    As the concert approaches, we would like to ask that our band students and families spend a few minutes talking about concert etiquette prior to our community event.  Our expectation for our students is that they be supportive peer members and active listeners for the duration of the concert, with respect for each other as well as for the wonderful community of patrons who attend our annual event.  We have reinforced this expectation throughout our daily preparation this week for what will surely  be an evening  of wonderful performances.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Program Order: Freshmen Concert Band, String Orchestra, Fall Symphonic Band, Symphony String Orchestra, Marching Band.

Attire & Call Times:

Freshmen Concert Band - 6:15p.m. Call Time In Band Room, all Marchers will head back stage to change after the Symphonic Band Performance
Girls—Black closed-toed shoes, Black Slacks (no jeans, no capris, no tights, etc), and White Blouse or Collared shirt (short or long sleeve)
Boys—Black Dress Shoes (no gym shoes), Black Socks, Black Dress Pants/Slacks (no jeans), White Long-Sleeved Collared Shirt (buttons all the way down, no polos), and Black Belt.

Fall Symphonic Band - Report to Band Room After Freshman Concert Band Performance, all Marchers will head back stage to change after their Symphonic Band Performance
Girls—Black closed-toed shoes, Black Slacks (no jeans, no capris, no tights, etc), and White Blouse or Collared shirt (short or long sleeve)
Boys—Black Dress Shoes (no gym shoes), Black Socks, Black Dress Pants/Slacks (no jeans), White Tuxedo Shirt, Black Bow-Tie, Black Cummerbund, and Black Belt.

Marching Band - Report to Band Room following Symphonic Band Performance
Marching Band members will wear their standard issue uniform - complete with white gloves, black socks, marching shoes, etc.

Thursday 10/29 Navy Commodores Performance - 7:00 p.m.

    The ETHS Jazz Program will be hosting the Navy Commodores - the United States Navy's premier jazz big band!  All jazz students will be attending and will sit together in the main section of the auditorium.  All other band students are encouraged to attend, but are not required to do so.  It will be a fantastic event featuring classic and modern works for jazz!

Friday 10/30 D65 Band Day - Periods 4-5-6 at ETHS
    This Friday is our annual Band Day experience for our 7th and 8th grade District 65 students.  A reminder that all Marching Band members will attend 6th Period Band Class, all Fall Symphonic Band members will attend 5th Period Band Class, and all Non-Marching Freshmen will attend 4th Period Band Class.  Marching Band students are to wear their marching band t-shirts and jeans - they will line up in the hallway at the start of 6th period and enter the auditorium just as we will on the concert this week.  Fall Symphonic Band students are to enter the auditorium stage at the start of Period 5.  Jazz Ensemble students are to report at the start of Period 5 as well, as discussed in rehearsals.     We desperately need some assistance setting up for Band Day before school on Friday.  If you are available and interested, join us in the music wing from 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. so we can set up the stage, rehearsal rooms, and practice rooms for our 225 guests!

Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band Start Next Monday 11/2
    All upperclassmen band members will begin their new schedule beginning on Monday 11/2.  Wind Symphony will be Period 5 and Symphonic Band will be Period 6 from next Monday through the end of the school year.  Wind Symphony members are expected to pick up their folders today in preparation for the first week of rehearsals.  See below for your first assignment.  All recordings are posted to the ETHS Bands website under "Materials - Concert Bands - Wind Symphony."  Symphonic Band will receive folders and music next week.

Wind Symphony Assignment 1:
Yiddish Dances - Movement 1
Gloriosa - Theme and Variations 1, 2, 3

Let's make it a great week!

Sincerely, Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman

US Navy Commodores in Concert at Evanston Township High School 10-29-15

Good Morning,

Evanston Township High School will host the United States Navy Band Commodores on Thursday, October 29, 2015.  Admission is FREE--simply reserve your tickets at

This is an awesome opportunity for your students to hear a professional big band at a price that can't be beat!  Please spread the word to your students, families, and friends!



Mike Lehman

You're Invited! ETHS Fall Big Band Concert (TONIGHT!)

Good Morning ETHS Families,

The Evanston Township High School Jazz Program officially kicks off its season with the annual Fall Big Band Concert on Tuesday, October 20th at 7:00pm in the ETHS Main Auditorium.  This concert will feature the ETHS Lab Band, ETHS Jazz Band, and close the night with the ETHS Jazz Ensemble.  Admission is free and open to the public--see you there!


Mike Lehman

Marching Band Senior Night Congrats

Good Evening Marching Band Families,
     Congratulations to our band students for an excellent halftime show performance!  The band really brought down the house - thanks to some help from our band rappers: Nia Williams and Meadgine Ilmet, and the Cheerleaders and Pomkits.  Another great performance in the books!  A special thank you and congratulations to all of our Band Senior students and families - it's been a great run!  If anyone has video from this evening's performance, please share it with me so I can send it out to our students and families!  Thanks again to all of our parent volunteers who helped tonight - we couldn't do this without you!

Marengo Reflection Assignment
    Another reflection assignment has been added to our band webpage under "Materials" and "Marching Band."  All of the adjudicator comments are now linked on this page along with an assignment - due next Friday 10/23.

Upperclassmen Marching Musicians Needed For Symphonic Band
    The following students are asked to accompany the 5th Period Symphonic Band next week in addition to their marching duties as discussed today in class:

Clarinet - Nora Linzer, Jonah Karsh, Maya Madjar
Bass Clarinet - Wesley Shavers
French Horn - Maple Conn
Trombone - Ezra Brown, Zoe Hadley, Jackson Loop, Ellie Rogers, Owen Shapiro
Euphonium - Zoe Ryan-Hubbard, Whitney Giroux, Mattias Vanderwerf
Tuba - Joey Parker, Abi Otwell, Tom Davies
Percussion - See Mr. Robles for part assignments

Playoff Games - TBA
    As of this evening, we are told that we will be moving forward into the playoffs - which is really exciting.  We will not know when our games will be or who they will be against, but we do know that our first game will either be on Friday 10/30 or Saturday 10/31.  I will forward details as I hear more.  The band will travel to away games in this situation.

What Happens Next
    We will now transition as a marching band to preparing for our Fall Concert on Wednesday 10/28 at 7:00 p.m.  The band will be working on a culminating concert performance of our fall halftime show to cap the evening concert.  We intend to get a great recording for archival purposes.  We will also use this same performance format to perform for Band Day on 10/30 - our biggest recruiting event with District 65 schools!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mr. Bufis

Audition Results & Concert Attire

Good Evening Band Families,
As we approach our first concert of 2015-2016, we wanted to remind everyone of the concert attire:

Freshmen Concert Band - 6:15p.m. Call Time In Band Room
Girls—Black closed-toed shoes, Black Slacks (no jeans, no capris, no tights, etc), and White Blouse or Collared shirt (short or long sleeve)
Boys—Black Dress Shoes (no gym shoes), Black Socks, Black Dress Pants/Slacks (no jeans), White Long-Sleeved Collared Shirt (buttons all the way down, no polos), and Black Belt.

Fall Symphonic Band - Report to Band Room After Freshman Concert Band Performance
Girls—Black closed-toed shoes, Black Slacks (no jeans, no capris, no tights, etc), and White Blouse or Collared shirt (short or long sleeve)
Boys—Black Dress Shoes (no gym shoes), Black Socks, Black Dress Pants/Slacks (no jeans), White Tuxedo Shirt, Black Bow-Tie, Black Cummerbund, and Black Belt.

Marching Band - Report to Band Room following Symphonic Band Performance
Marching Band members will wear their standard issue uniform - complete with white gloves, black socks, marching shoes, etc.

Audition Results
Audition results have been posted to www.ethsbands.com.  You can find
Symphonic Band Results Here and Wind Symphony Results Here.  Music will be distributed for Wind Symphony next week - the first rehearsal is Monday 11/2 during Period 5.  Congratulations to All!!!!!  Orchestra results will be released early next week.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman

Fall Big Band Concert (10-20-15) DETAILS

Good Afternoon ETHS Jazz Families,
Our Annual Fall Big Band Concert is quickly approaching--Tuesday October 20th!
This evening of live jazz starts at 7:00pm in the ETHS Main Auditorium and is free and open to the public!  The details for performers are as follows:
Lab Band
Report Time: 6:20pm Main Auditorium
Attire:  Dark Suit and Tie for Gentlemen, Appropriate Attire for Ladies
Please enter through Door #11
Jazz Band
Report Time: 6:30pm Band Room
Attire:  Dark Suit and Tie for Gentlemen, Appropriate Attire for Ladies
Please enter through Door #11
Jazz Ensemble
Report Time: 6:00pm Jazz Room
Attire:  Dark Suit and Tie for Gentlemen, Appropriate Attire for Ladies
Please enter through Door #11
All families, guests, and groupies can enter through Door #7.
We are in need of several volunteers to help tear down the stage after the performance and bring the gear back to the Jazz Room.  Thank you in advance for your help!
Have a great weekend,
Mr. Lehman

Senior Night MB Addendum

Hello Marching Band Students and Families,
    An addendum to the earlier email about this Friday's game:

Call for Rappers
    If you are interested in rapping with the band at this Friday's half-time show, please click the folder below. You will find an mp3, a video of the dance, and pdfs of the music we will be performing with the PomKits and Cheerleaders.  We will be making a decision tomorrow as to who will be performing with the group.  Please schedule an audition time with Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman before or after school or during a free period.

Band Dance "Here We Go"

Reminder and Info for Seniors and Families
    Athletics has put together a flier for our band students!  See below for more information about senior night.  I have reposted the link to the sign-up sheet below.  We look forward to celebrating our seniors Friday night!

Senior Night Sign-Up
Senior Night Band Flier

Mr. Bufis

Marching Band Senior Night

Good Afternoon Marching Band Families,
    I can't believe we are already approaching our last in-season football game!  As you know, this Friday is Senior Night and we are planning a special performance for halftime - featuring the Pomkits and Cheerleaders!  It's going to be a great week!  If you are a Senior Band member, you will need to leave the band room by 6:15pm on Friday evening in uniform in order to take part in the ceremony at the field.  
You can meet your family escorts under the tent in the South Endzone - close to Church Street. You will then be instructed to line up alphabetically INSIDE THE NORTH ENDZONE FENCE (where we usually enter each week).  All senior band members and families are asked to complete the form below for the announcer by Friday morning:


    The ceremony should last about 10 minutes total between all fall sports.  Senior band members will join the rest of the band immediately following the ceremony to form the usual tunnel to bring the team in.  We are looking forward to a great evening!

Mr. Bufis

Fannie May Orders Due Tomorrow!

Good Afternoon Band Families,
I hope you enjoyed a restful (long) weekend!
This is a reminder that the Fannie May materials (order forms and money) are due TOMORROW, Tuesday, October 13th.
Please have your student:
·      Write their name and contact information on the Order Form
·      Write their name and contact information on the Manila Envelope
·      Mark down any free boxes they earned in the top right corner of the Order Form
·      Organize and “face” all cash and place in the manila envelope
·      Ensure all checks have your student’s ID Number in the memo line and place them in the manila envelope
·      Ensure the total amount of cash and checks equals the total dollar amount on the order form
·      Seal the manila envelope and turn in to Mr. Lehman during class

***If you you sold a lot and would prefer to bring in your envelope before or after school, please let me know!***

We can expect Fannie May to deliver the products in early November.  As soon as I hear a confirmed date, I will share that with everyone.  

Thank you for a successful fundraiser!
Mike Lehman 

Marengo Reminders

Hello All,
    As we head into Marengo tomorrow, we wanted to remind everyone to get a good night's sleep tonight.  We are looking forward to a great day - let's set ourselves up for a great day!
    If anyone has a charcoal grill they would like to let us use for the day, we would be grateful!  Mr. Lehman and I are each bringing one, but more grills will help us to cook faster.  If you are able to help us out, please bring the grill
to school at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow or simply meet us over at the Marengo Park District after the parade with your grill - we appreciate it!
    Lastly, please eat a good breakfast before coming to school tomorrow.  We will provide a snack between Robert Morris and the parade, and a healthy lunch at our barbecue between the parade the the Marengo performance.  If you would like to take advantage of the concession stand after our performance, please bring roughly $10 in cash to purchase food at Marengo High School.

Let's make it a great day!

Go Kits!
Mr. Bufis

Marching Band 10/9-10/11 and Beyond!

Good Afternoon Marching Band Families,
    We have an exciting weekend ahead of us!  Please read below for some important announcements.  Please remember to send any "Footnotes" articles to Jasper Davidoff by Thursday afternoon! jasperdavidoff@gmail.com

Friday Football Game vs. Glenbrook South
    This Friday is our second to last football game of the fall season!  We will rehearse from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. and then break for dinner.  This is a normal game day - with march into the stadium at 7pm, pregame at 7:20 p.m., and kickoff at 7:30 p.m.  Please look below for volunteer assignments for Friday night:

Equipment Help P1
Waldek Ziolkowski
Equipment Help P2
Ed Finkel
Equipment Help P3
Judy Steele
Equipment Help P4
Marcy Nicholson
Equipment Help P5
Tom Hartmann
Dinner Help P1
Kathy Bauer
Dinner Help P2
Elizabeth Osborne

    All dinner help should arrive to the band wing by 5:15 to accept the pizza delivery and setup for distribution.  Equipment help is useful at 5:30pm for the loading of the truck, at 7:15 for the unloading of the truck, before and after halftime, and at the end of our evening.  Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Saturday Rehearsal 10/10/2015 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
    This is our final extra-curricular rehearsal of the season and will be a critical time to put the finishing touches on our show before Sunday.  Following the rehearsal, our Marching Band students are encouraged to sign-up for a time to work at our Mattress Sale!  See below for 12:30-2:00 time slots and locations - please sign up!

Mattress Sale Signup Sheet

Sunday Marengo Settlers Day and Robert Morris Competitions 10/11/2015
    A reminder that Sunday will be an awesome day for our students - packed with great music experiences and opportunities to bond and unwind.  See below for the detailed schedule of events:

9:15 -              Change into uniforms, load buses/truck/trailer
9:45 -              Depart for Robert Morris University 
(Robert Morris University 2123 S Goebbert Rd, Arlington Heights)
10:30 -            Arrive at Robert Morris, unload, get ready to go to warmup
11:00 -            Warmup at Robert Morris
12:00 -            Perform at Robert Morris University
12:15 -            Load buses/truck/trailer and depart 45 minute drive. 
(Zion Lutheran School 408 Jackson Street  Marengo)
1:30 -              Arrive at Zion Middle School, unload and assemble
2:00 -              Parade Step-off
2:45 -              End Parade at Marengo Middle School. Load buses for Marengo Park District for barbecue and fun!
(Marengo Middle School 816 E Grant Hwy, Marengo)
3:00 - 5:15      Barbecue at Marengo Park District 
(Marengo Park Distric 825 Indian Oaks Trail, Marengo)
5:30                Head back to Marengo HS for the competition
(Marengo High School 110 Franks Rd, Marengo, IL 60152)
6:30 -              Warmup
7:15 -              Performance
8:00 -              Watch Wheeling and Marengo
8:45 -              Departure back to ETHS
10:15 -            Arrive at ETHS, unload and dismiss

    A reminder that we will be performing "Our National March" at the parade, alternating with "Cheer Song".  For more copies of the march, click here: 
Our National March Parts
    If you volunteered to help - or if you still want to help - we could definitely use more parent volunteers!  We have a lot of equipment to mobilize for our performance - and we have a lot of food to cook and serve at the barbecue!  If you are interested in helping out, please do not hesitate to contact me!  See below for current assignments:

Equipment Help P1
Judy Steele
Equipment Help P2
Todd Bruggeman
Equipment Help P3
Tom Hartmann
Equipment Help P4
Fran Foley
Equipment Help P5
Rachel Wham
Dinner Help P1
Kathy Bauer
Dinner Help P2
Todd Bruggeman
Dinner Help P3
Lisa Solonka
Dinner Help P4
Elizabeth Osborne

Week of 10/12-10/16 in ETHS Bands
Beginning on Monday 10/12, all Freshmen will attend the 4th Period Concert Band class in preparation for the Fall Music Festival Concert.  These students will do "double duty" next week - attending both 4th Period Concert Band and 6th Period Marching Band rehearsals.  These Freshmen are asked to bring their lunch to school so they do not have to wait in line in the cafeteria.  They will be given the last 15 minutes of 4th Period to eat lunch in the band wing.  Additionally, we will be asking some select upperclassmen to help fill in the instrumentation of our 5th Period Fall Symphonic Band - we will identify these students over the weekend.
    In addition to preparing for our Fall Music Festival Concert, our Marching Band will be learning a special show for our final "Senior Night" football game next week - to be performed with our Cheerleaders and PomKits.  Get ready for some outrageous choreography - it's going to be a blast!

Let's make it a great weekend!  GO KITS!

Mr. Bufis

Band Audition Make-ups & Mattress Sale Updates

Good Evening Band Families,
A few important notes:

The following people need to complete their band/chair audition - preferably tomorrow before or after the planned Wednesday activities.  Please stop by the Band Office to grab a camera and a practice room key sometime tomorrow.  We will be posting results early next week.

Rebecca Wood (Camera Failure - Retake)
Christina Hamil
Gabrielle Dinsmore (Camera Failure Before Second Etude - Retake)
Cherese Waight
Roy Midyan
Noah Roth
Momoko Hasselbring (Camera Failure - Retake)
Yinka Akere 
Tom Davies
Harrison Philips

Mattress Sale
A reminder that our Second Annual Mattress Sale is this Saturday 10/10 at ETHS in the Michael Cafeteria!  
Currently, no Band students have signed up to volunteer their time.  This event is dependent on our students and parents - please sign up at the link below!

Mattress Sale Volunteer Sheet

Fannie May Candy Sale
A reminder that all candy sale orders and money are due to your directors by Tuesday 10/13!  This is a highly lucrative and desirable fund raising item - 50% of your sales will be deposited into your individual Spring Tour accounts!

Have a great rest of the week!

Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman

Mattress Sale Update!

Good Morning Band Families,
This Saturday - October 10th - ETHS Fine Arts will host it's 2nd Annual Mattress Sale!  Students have an opportunity to earn funds for their individual trip accounts as well as generate money for the general travel fund, which provides scholarship money for ETHS music students.  
This is a one-day event that will take the help of all of our students in order to be successful.  Here are your instructions in preparation for this weekend's event:

1) Sign up for a time to volunteer.  Click the link below to sign-up for a 90 minute shift (9:30 - 11:00, 11:00 - 12:30, 12:30 - 2:00, 2:00 - 3:30, 3:30 - 5:00).  Marching Band students are encouraged to sign up for the 12:30 - 2:00 shift which gives them an opportunity to eat lunch after rehearsal and then work a shift.

Mattress Sale Volunteer Form

2) Spread the word!  Distribute the fliers we gave you in class to everyone you know - even people you don't know!  Post the event on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) - Email your flyer to everyone in your contact list!  If anyone shows up to the event on Saturday with a flyer bearing your name, you get paid!

For more information - and more flyers - visit the link on our webpage!


Let's make it a great event!
Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman

Band Announcements & Tour Updates 10-2-2015

Good Afternoon Band Families!
Just a reminder that we are still accepting Spring Tour Registrations for our trip to Washington D.C.!  Our trip enrollment continues to grow by the day - which is REALLY exciting!  Please follow the directions below to sign up for the trip!

Payment Method:
Direct payments to Bob Rogers Travel (Debit/Credit Card) via the IPS System
*Go to 
ips.bobrogerstravel.com to begin the registration process.
*If you are a new user, please enter in Trip ID #: IL005800016
*If you are a returning user, please enter in your email and password.



After you register, the following altered payment schedule will take effect.  Please note - your card will be automatically debited on each of these payment dates and you will be given 3-day reminder notices prior to each payment.

October 15 - $300
November 30 - $350
And January 28 - $350

Mattress Sale UpdateClick Here For Flier
Follow the link for a flier in support of the Mattress Sale next weekend - October 10th!  We need your support!  Lawn signs are available in the band hallway under the Announcement Board!

Have a great weekend - (Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors should practice their Audition Music!)

Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman