Jan 2016

IMEC Recap and Thank You

Good Evening Jazz Ensemble Families,

Congratulations to our Jazz Ensemble on an incredible performance this morning at the Illinois Music Education Conference!  The group played with maturity, authenticity, and incredible energy—they should be extremely proud of the results of their hard work.
After the performance, I was stopped by dozens of people raving about the band.   A young teacher came up to me and said, “The experience of having that wall of sound wash over me was incredible.  Tell your students
thank you, they left me inspired.”  My mentor (since my undergraduate days) came up to me and said, “This is the highlight of the conference!”  People were floored by the kids’ performance and I accepted many compliments on their behalf—bravo!!
Throughout the trip, our kids represented themselves, our program, and our school in the best way.  They carried themselves with poise and maturity.  At lunch, a gentleman asked if all of us (the kids and I) were “from the same office.”  He said, “I knew they looked young, but they’re so professional!” 
A special
thank you to Mr. Abplanalp, Mr. Bufis, and Ms. Reed for all of their help at the conference.  It is truly a “hurry up and go” atmosphere.  This performance would not have happened today without all of their help loading, setting up, running the sound system, and just being flexible and accommodating in every way.  Additionally, we were joined by two wonderful chaperones: Jeanie B and Mike Finnegan.  They were crucial in keeping your kids safe, organized, and on schedule—Thank You!  Our Fine Arts Department Chair, Mr. Gehl, and Associate Principal, Mr. Brown, made a special trip (leaving Evanston at 5:00am) to come down and support the Jazz Ensemble; it was truly an inspiring display of support for our students! Lastly, we had an extremely courteous driver, Alex, from Ideal Transportation, that accommodated every detail in the packed itinerary.
By now you are getting a glimpse of what a special group of kids this is and what a special honor this was for them.  This was an awesome experience that yielded some wonderful memories!
Please sleep in on Monday and Wednesday and we will resume rehearsal on FRIDAY at 7:00am. 
Congratulations again to all,

New Trier Jazz Festival Info

Good Afternoon Jazz Band,
Remember, NO REHEARSAL TOMORROW, see the rehearsal schedule below!
Rehearsal Schedule for next week:
Thursday—No Rehearsal (sleep in.)
Tuesday—Rehearsal 7:00am
Thursday—Rehearsal 7:00am
Please keep these tunes fresh, we are performing them at New Trier!
In A Mellow Tone
If I Could Fly
In Walked Bud

Please continue to work on these for Tuesday's rehearsal - we will be adding them for the ETHS Jazz Festival in a few weeks:
Fancy Pants
El Baile De Dia

Professional recordings of all of your tunes can be found at www.ethsbands.com(Click Materials, Jazz Program, Jazz Band)--**special hint**: if you right click (or control click), you can download the MP3s!  THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE PRACTICE TOOL/REFERENCE!

Upcoming Dates/Performances
February 6, 2016      New Trier Jazz Festival
February 20, 2016    ETHS Jazz Festival
New Trier Jazz Festival Details (2-6-16)
Attire:            Suits for the gentlemen, dressed nicely/appropriately for the ladies
7:00am           Arrive at ETHS
7:15am           Depart for New Trier
8:00am           Watch groups, bring money for breakfast
8:30am           Watch Lab Band Perform (Room 467)
9:15am Watch other groups
10:20am Warmup in M270
11:00am         ETHS Jazz Band Performs
EAT LUNCH (Bring money or a sack lunch)
12:00pm Watch other bands
2:00pm           Depart for ETHS
2:15pm           Arrive at ETHS/Unload

Have a great rest of your week!
Mr. Bufis

13th Annual Evanston Township High School Jazz Festival (2-20-16)

Good Evening ETHS Families,

After planning for nearly a year, the 13th Annual Evanston Township High School Jazz Festival is less than one month away!  On SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2016 we open our doors to host a truly amazing event.
Established in 2004, the ETHS Jazz Festival is a non-competitive, all-day immersion event focused on educating middle school and high school jazz students and showcasing their musical talents. Our adjudicators and clinicians are world-class professional musicians, university professors and educators who offer each group a 30-minute clinic following its performance where the emphasis is on improving our craft.  This year, I am excited to welcome 45 groups from around the Midwest to our school, many of whom are newcomers to the ETHS Jazz Festival!  The ETHS Jazz Festival is an event that highlights our Jazz Program, our school and our community alike!  ALL ETHS Jazz Bands and Combos will be performing (please see the performance schedule below). 
This year's festival will feature tenor saxophonist Donny McCaslin at our evening concert in the ETHS Main Auditorium.  The ETHS Jazz Ensemble will perform an opening set for the 7:00pm concert.  Please note that the evening concert is a ticketed event.  For ticket information please visit www.ethsjazz.comWe have purchased tickets for ALL ETHS Jazz Students!  This is an incredible opportunity to hear a world-class performance—we expect ALL ETHS Jazz Students to attend the concert and sit as a group.
The day is filled with first-rate clinics and workshops; some highlights include:
·      Brass Technique with Trombonist, Audrey Morrison
·      Saxophone Technique with Saxophonist, Chris Madsen
·      Rhythm Section Technique with Pianist, Joan Hickey; Bassist, Marlene Rosenberg; and Drummer, Bob Rummage
·      Special Lecture/Clinic with the Donny McCaslin
In addition, the Mark Colby Quarter will play a (FREE) noontime concert!  Students should plan to stay for the entire day to attend the clinics, workshops, and other groups’ performances. All daytime activities are free and open to the public.  We expect nearly 1000 people to come through our doors throughout the day!
Please be on the lookout for emails from our esteemed Jazz Festival Planning Committee.  Our jazz festival is run almost completely by ETHS students and parent volunteers, so we would greatly appreciate your help. Jazz Students will be visited by a committee member during rehearsals in the next two weeks.  Students will be signing up for a small time-slot to help with everything from welcoming our visiting bands to selling concessions during the festival day.  Parent volunteers are also needed—please consider helping out.  On behalf of the committee and our Jazz Program, I thank you in advance for your help in making this wonderful event possible. 
Performance Schedule
ETHS Jazz Ensemble                       9:00     (Main Auditorium)
ETHS So What Combo                   9:45     (Band Room A109)
ETHS Lab Band                                10:30   (Band Room A109)
ETHS Jazz Band                                12:00   (Band Room A109)
ETHS Take 6 Combo                      1:30     (Band Room A109)
ETHS A-Train Combo                     2:15     (Band Room A109)
ETHS ‘Round Midnight Combo   3:00     (Band Room A109)
Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the 13th Annual Evanston Township High School Jazz Festival.  Come for the entire day to support your our students and be immersed in jazz music! Tickets can be purchased atwww.ethsjazz.com.
Have a great week,

Mike Lehman

ETHS Jazz Band Concert Saturday January 23rd

Concert on Saturday, January 23rd
Good afternoon Jazz Band students!  You may remember that Saturday January 23rd was once reserved for the Purdue Jazz Festival.  Due to circumstances out of our control, we will not attend the Purdue Jazz Festival.  In lieu of this event, we will now be sharing a concert with the Jazz Ensemble.  This concert is on 1-23-16 at 2:00pm in the Terrace Dinning Hall.  This will performance will be the Jazz Ensemble's final performance prior to the IMEC All-State performance!  

Have a great weekend - good luck in your exam preparation!

Mr. Bufis

ETHS Bands Final Exam Week Announcements

Good Afternoon ETHS Band Families!
    Happy New Year!  We hope that everyone had a happy and healthy break.  As we approach our Final Exam week here at ETHS, we wish all of our students well as they prepare for culminating exams in all of their classes.  Stay healthy - and budget your time wisely.  
    Below are a few announcements on our ETHS Bands exam procedures to reinforce the messages we have sent before, during, and after break to our students.  In addition, some important information about Basketball Pep Band, Honors Credit, and Mentorship is listed below.

Basketball Pep Band
    We have an exciting and busy couple of weeks with the ETHS Pep Band and Basketball teams!  Please remember - as a member of the Pep Band, you are
EXPECTED to attend all events and rehearsals.  If you have to miss an event or practice for any reason, it is your responsibility to email Mr. Bufis (bufism@eths.k12.il.us) in advance of said event or practice.  Last evening, 25 of our 50 members attended the game - only 3 students emailed to report their absence.  Pep Band is a factor in calculating Honors Credit, and we will not count Pep Band points for students who do not attend the majority of events or who do not report their absences properly.  See below for the schedule for the next two weeks.

Tuesday 1/5/2016 - Basketball Game, 6:00 p.m. Call Time
Wednesday 1/6/2016 - Pep Band Rehearsal, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Friday 1/8/2016 - Pep Rally (report 9th period, names/IDs were submitted)
Friday 1/8/2016 - Basketball Game, 6:00 p.m. Call Time
Thursday 1/14/2016 - Basketball Game, 6:00 p.m. Call Time

ETHS Band Honors Credit
    A reminder that all Honors Credit applications and support materials were due to the band directors by 12/1/2015.  If you have completed service projects or scholarly projects since that time, be sure to enter all of this information using the links on our webpage immediately to count for Honors Credit.  Following exam week, all students who achieved Honors Credit will be moved to the Honors section of their band class period in HAC.  All students who did not achieve or apply for Honors Credit will be moved to the standard section of their band class period in HAC.  We will be returning applications and support materials to students during their scheduled final exam period next week.

ETHS Band Mentorship
    We have passed around a clipboard during all classes in an effort to collect contact information for all of our students involved in the mentorship program.  It is our hope that with this complete information, students will have all that they need to connect with their mentors and mentees.  If you have not done so already, please connect with your mentor or mentee - this is a very impactful program and we highly encourage you to follow-through with your meeting appointments.  This program is entirely student-run and is "on-your-honor," so please treat this process with integrity.

ETHS Band Final Exam Procedures
 - Exam is Monday 1/11 at 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.  All excerpts and recordings can be found online at the link below.  
 - Exam is Wednesday 1/13 at 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.  We will rehearse the entire exam period.  Students are reminded to complete their cumulative Gloriosa exam packet and reflection prior to the exam day - they will be collected at the scheduled exam time.  The packet will count as the final exam and the final page (refection) will count as a concert reflection grade for MQ2.  Students will be given a chair test as their first grade for MQ3 on Thursday 1/21 (the following week).  All excerpts, recordings, and assignments can be found at the link below.
 - Exam is Wednesday 1/13 at 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.  All excerpts and recordings can be found online at the link below.
Period 4 Concert Band
Period 5 Wind Symphony
Period 6 Symphonic Band

Good luck on your exams!
Mr. Bufis and Mr. Lehman
Matthew P. Bufis
Co-Director of Bands
Evanston Township High School
1600 Dodge Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 424-7853 - Office
(847) 424 7192 - Fine Arts Office Fax

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