Feb 2014

Band Updates - Week of 2-24 through 2-28

Hello Everyone!
     We have a lot to report this week - busy as usual!  Please read through all of these important announcements and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

     A final itinerary has been posted to the website!  We are looking forward to our Spring Tour Meeting, scheduled for March 4th at 7:00 p.m.  Please complete the added tour paperwork located at 
http://www.ethsbands.com/spring_tour/tour_materials.html  These materials are due by this Thursday, February 27th!  Please also remember that your final tour payment in the amount of $225 is due by Monday March 3rd - all checks should be made payable to ETHS and must include your student ID number.  We are looking forward to a fantastic trip!

CHEESECAKE DELIVERY - Thursday February 27th at 3:35 p.m.
     For those of you who sold cheesecakes, our entire order will be delivered to the auditorium area on Thursday prior to the end of school.  Your order will be pre-packaged and waiting for you to pick up at the end of the school day.  Please make plans to bring your order home after school, as this is a frozen item that will not be preserved out of the freezer overnight.

WINTER MUSIC FESTIVAL CONCERT - Wednesday March 5th at 7:00 p.m.
     As a reminder, the concert attire and call time information for all of our performing groups is listed below:

The concert attire for the Band students is as follows:

Concert Band Students: Ladies—Black closed-toed shoes, Black Slacks (no jeans, no capris, no tights, etc), and White Blouse or Collared shirt (short or long sleeve) Gentlemen—Black Dress Shoes (no gym shoes), Black Socks, Black Dress Pants/Slacks (no jeans), White Long-Sleeved Collared Shirt (buttons all the way down, no polos), and Black Belt.   Symphonic Band Students: Ladies—Black closed-toed shoes, Black Slacks (no jeans, no capris, no tights, etc), and White Blouse or Collared shirt (short or long sleeve) Gentlemen—Black Dress Shoes (no gym shoes), Black Socks, Black Dress Pants/Slacks (no jeans), White Tuxedo Shirt, Black Bow-Tie, Black Cummerbund, and Black Belt.   Wind Ensemble Students: Ladies—Black closed-toed shoes and Black Ankle-Length Dress Gentlemen—Black Dress Shoes (no gym shoes), Black Socks, White Tuxedo Shirt, Black Tuxedo Pants and Black Tuxedo Coat, Black Bow-Tie, Black Cummerbund, and Black Belt

The call time for the Band students is as follows:   Concert Band Students: 6:30 in the Band Room   Symphonic Band 7:00pm in the upper section of the Auditorium (sitting as a group)   Wind Symphony 7:00pm in the upper section of the Auditorium (sitting as a group) WIND SYMPHONY GUEST CONDUCTORS      In preparation for next week's concert, the Wind Symphony will be visited by two collegiate wind band conductors - Professor Daniel Farris, Director of Athletic Bands at Northwestern University, and Professor Thomas Dvorak, who is the Director Emeritus from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the conductor of the Milwaukee Youth Wind Ensemble.  Their bios are listed below for your perusal.  Mr. Farris will be with us on Tuesday, and Mr. Dvorak on Wednesday. Professor Daniel Farris Bio Professor Thomas Dvorak Bio SOLO AND ENSEMBLE FESTIVAL - Thursday April 3rd, 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. at ETHS      We are nearly one month away from the ETHS Solo and Ensemble Festival, hosted by our music department for our students.  This event is an opportunity for students to perform accompanied solos as well as duets, trios, and chamber pieces in front of a small audience and music evaluator for a rating and feedback.  We will host the instrumental performances in our band room from 4:00 - 9:00 p.m.  Please consider performing a solo or small group composition at this event!  More information will be released within the next week.  Please coordinate with your small groups and accompanists so we can put a schedule together with ease.  A list of past accompanists is located on our website at: http://www.ethsbands.com/faculty_staff/piano_accompanists.html  WIND SYMPHONY RECORDING SESSION & ASSIGNMENT      The Wind Symphony spent several days in the auditorium last week recording some of their music for next week's concert.  We intend to record our rehearsals on a regular basis and post this material to our website so students can hear what they are doing well - and what they need to work on during their home practice or in their private lessons.  All of the daily takes from these recording sessions, as well as Spotify playlists of professional groups performing this music, are located at: http://www.ethsbands.com/materials/concert_bands/wind_symphony.html   Wind Symphony students are to complete the following reflection form while listening to the recordings we made by Friday February 28th for full credit. 

Wind Symphony Recording Reflection Assignment

THE ETHS BAND BLOG & CALENDAR      We wanted to remind you that all of our band program announcements from this year have been archived on our website band blog located at www.ethsbands.com  We also wanted to let you know that all of next year's performance dates, as well as many of our marching band and YAMO rehearsal/camp dates, have been added to our Google Calendar already!  You can also find this on our website!  We hope you consider subscribing to our calendar to stay informed about our program. GRADUATION BAND - Sunday June 1st 2014      A reminder that all ETHS Band Students (grades 9-11) are expected to be a part of our annual graduation ceremony held at McGaw Hall on Northwestern's campus.  While we may have to trim down some sections of the band due to space (Percussion and Flutes, for example), please make sure this important event is on your calendar.  The ceremony is scheduled for 11:00 a.m.  More details on call time and specific participation will be shared at a later date. More to follow soon! Sincerely, Matt Bufis and Mike Lehman

U of I Trombone Ensemble Performance at ETHS March 3rd

Good Afternoon ETHS Jazz Families-
It is with great excitement I announce that on Monday March 3
rd, the University of Illinois Jazz Trombone will be visiting ETHS to perform from 2:30-3:30pm in the Upstairs Theatre!  The University of Illinois Jazz Trombone Ensemble is one of the flagship ensembles of the U of I School of Music Jazz Division. Under the directorship of Jazz Trombone Professor, Jim Pugh, the multiple award-winning ensemble has performed to critical acclaim worldwide. They won the National Jazz Trombone Competition (Eastern Trombone Workshop) twice, in 2012 and 2014. They also won the Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition (International Trombone Association) in 2012 resulting in a performance at the Paris Conservatory. Most recently, in an open combo category, have been accorded the honor of a performance at the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival to take place in late March 2014. A unique feature of this ensemble is that all of its music is composed and/or arranged by members and former members of the group. This not only gives the ensemble a very special and specialized library to select from but also presents to the audiences a fresh and highly contemporary view of trombone and trombone ensemble music.
This is an incredible opportunity for our jazz students to hear this amazing ensemble.  I will be excusing them from 9
th period on Monday March 3rd.  Students are to report directly to the ETHS Upstairs Theatre at 2:00pm.  Attendance will be taken and students unexcused will be reported to the attendance office.  Please see the attached Field Trip Form. These should be completed and returned to the box on the Band Office Door (A104) by Friday March 28th.
Here is a link to two recordings of the group for your enjoyment!
As a reminder, the final two Combo rehearsals are tonight (2-24) and Monday (3-3).  The final two Lab Band and Jazz Band rehearsals will be Tuesday (2-25) and Tuesday (3-4).  Jazz Cabaret (3-7 & 3-8) will be the conclusion of the Jazz Season for the aforementioned ensembles.  Jazz Ensemble will continue to rehearse until the end of March. 
Stay tuned, Jazz Audition Materials will be coming out soon!


You're Invited: Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal Tomorrow (Wednesday 2-19-14)!

Good Afternoon Jazz Students,
You’re Invited:  Come and observe a Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal tomorrow evening from 6:30-8:00pm in the Jazz Room (A113)!   The group will be preparing for several upcoming performances and we’d like for you to check it out!
Please enter through door #11 by the Band Room.
Hope to see you there!
Mike Lehman

Combo Rehearsals CANCELLED (2-17-14)

Good Afternoon Jazz Families-
Due to the severe weather predicted for later this afternoon, all combo rehearsals will be cancelled this evening (2-17-14). 
Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their combos prior to next Monday’s combo rehearsals. 
Be safe,
Mike Lehman

Jazz Cabaret Details March 7 & 8

Good Afternoon Jazz Families-
The conclusion of our jazz season will be Jazz Cabaret on Friday and Saturday March 7th and 8th.  This event will feature performances from all nine jazz combos and all three big bands!  Below are the details and schedule of performances for the two days.  Please note the change in venue for Saturday. 
ETHS Terrace Dining Room—7:00pm
Free and Open to the public
Order of Performances:
·      Blue’s Alley Combo
·      Yoshi’s Combo
·      Andy’s Combo
·      Catalina Combo
·      Preservation Hall Combo
·      Village Vanguard Combo
·      Green Mill Combo
·      Baker’s Combo
·      Blue Note Combo
·      Evanston Township High School Jazz Ensemble
ETHS Upstairs Theatre—1:00pm
Free and Open to the public
Order of Performances:
·      Evanston Township High School Lab Band
·      Evanston Township High School Jazz Band
·      Evanston Township High School Jazz Ensemble

Have a great weekend,


Article about ETHS Jazz Festival

Good Morning Jazz Families,
There is a wonderful article about last Saturday’s ETHS Jazz Festival in today’s Evanston Review. Below are two links:  The preview article from last week and the article printed today—enjoy!
(Preview) http://evanston.suntimes.com/things-to-do/arts/jazz-DIN-02062014:article
Stay tuned: Information for Jazz Cabaret (Friday and Saturday March 7th and 8th) will be coming out shortly.
Have a great weekend,

ETHS Jazz Festival Recap and Thank You

Good Morning ETHS Jazz Families-
On Saturday, February 8th, ETHS hosted 40 middle school and high school jazz groups at the 11th Annual Evanston Township High School Jazz Festival.  These groups performed received critique and expert feedback from renowned professional musicians and college professors.  The festival also featured performances, clinics, lectures, and workshops presented by professional musicians throughout the day.  The all-day festival was punctuated by an incredible evening concert by New York trombonist, John Fedchock.  ETHS’s own Jazz Ensemble opened the evening concert with a hard-hitting set to energize the audience.  It was an incredible day of education and a great day of jazz music!

I was fortunate to have an amazing Jazz Festival planning committee comprised of both veteran parents and parents new to ETHS.  These parents met every week since October and meticulously planned, organized, and manicured every detail for Saturday’s festival; ensuring the absolute best experience for our students and guests.  A huge
thank you to our Jazz Festival Committee members:  

Kathy BauerLarry JonesBeth Osterlund
Cassie BrooksJudy KoonDan Parker
Jessica ClarkeLaurel LatimerPatricia Stankovic
Tamar Froelichstein-AppelJan MacDermidDanijel Stankovic
Kathy GreenbergerCarolyn MattoxLinda Wong
Bill HomerShayle MillerAllie Zemsteff

The Jazz Fest Committee was headed up by fearless leader: Cathy Bouxsein. 

In addition to our planning committee, we had over 100 ETHS music students helping out with set-up/tear-down, escorting visiting schools to the various rooms, video recording the performances, putting out the occasional proverbial “fire,” and everything in between!  Our student volunteers demonstrated maturity, responsibility, and a level of helpfulness that resonated with our guests and made the ETHS Jazz Festival a special event for everyone.  Our students represented themselves and ETHS in the best way—thank you!
Congratulations to all of our ETHS Jazz Bands and Combos on their performances, thank you to all our committee members, parent and student volunteers, and thank you for your continued support!

ETHS Jazz Festival Final Info

Good Evening Jazz Families-
We are just a few days away from the 11th Annual Evanston Township High School Jazz Festival!
Below are a few details for Saturday:
Jazz Lab Band:
            Call Time: 8:00am in the BAND ROOM
            Attire:  Gentlemen should where suit and tie, ladies should dress nicely/appropriately
            Homeroom:  Please keep your instrument, coat, etc., A106 (Combo Room)
            Warm-Up: 8:30am in A131
            Performance: 9:00am Michael Resource Center
Jazz Band:
            Call Time: 8:00am in the BAND ROOM
Attire:  Gentlemen should where suit and tie, ladies should dress nicely/appropriately
            Homeroom:  Please keep your instrument, coat, etc., A105 (Practice Room)
            Warm-Up: 8:30am in A136
            Performance: 9:00am Band Room
Jazz Ensemble:
            Call Time: 7:15am in the BAND ROOM
Attire:  Gentlemen should where suit and tie, ladies should dress nicely/appropriately
            Homeroom:  Please keep your instrument, coat, etc., A103 (Practice Room)
            Warm-Up: 7:45am in A117
            Performance: 8:15am Auditorium
All Combo Students:
Call Time: Please refer to your Performance Schedule (attached) & Student Volunteer Schedule (attached) and show up 30 minutes prior to your warm-up or volunteer time—whichever is earlier.
Attire:  Gentlemen should where suit and tie, ladies should dress nicely/appropriately
            Homeroom:  Please keep your instrument, coat, etc., A205/A206 (Practice Room)
            Warm-Up: See Performance Schedule (attached)
            Performance: See Performance Schedule (attached)
All students are expected to stay for entirety of the Jazz Festival.  Each student has a complimentary ticket to the evening performance featuring John Fedchock with Jeremy Kahn, Larry Kohut, and Bob Rummage and are expected to stay for the concert.  Tickets for the evening concert can be purchased through the link at www.ethsjazz.com as well as can be purchased at the door.
On Saturday, we welcome hundreds of students to our Jazz Festival, Evanston Township High School, and the Evanston community.  This is a special time for all of us, and we share a sense of pride as we provide this wonderful educational opportunity for our student musicians.
See you on Saturday,