Returning Marcher Meeting Recap - 2016

Good Morning 2015 Marching Band Students And Families,
    Last night, we had our first annual "Returning Marcher" meeting.  It afforded us the opportunity to celebrate the success we have had over the last few years, view the new uniforms we have designed with community input, and take some time to look at some areas for improvement and set goals for the future.  As returning members, each of us moves into more of a leadership role by becoming upperclassmen - and therefore each of us has the ability and influence to help the group continue on its progressive trajectory.  I encourage each of the parents and students of returning marchers to view the attached PowerPoint slides from last night's meeting.  We are really looking forward to building on our success and reaching new heights this fall.
    For those of you who did not attend, I want to call your attention to a few main points from last night's meeting - areas of attention as we move into next season.

George Williams College Tuition Increase - the cost to attend GWC Band Camp this fall has increased by $5,000, which translates to roughly $50 per student - twice the usual increase for our families.  We need to come up with a plan over the next two months as to how we move forward - either increasing our donations for student scholarships, or finding another venue for our annual band camp (Please read the attachment for more specifics).  If you are interested in making a donation to support our scholarship program, please contact me directly at - Also,  I am asking for a panel of parent volunteers who can help us find some alternative band camp sites for this summer to keep our options open.

Click Here To Volunteer To Research Band Camp Sites!

ETHS Wildkit Marching Band Festival (Potentially Hosting Fall 2017) - We would like to create an annual marching band festival for bands like us - who are mildly competitive, or even non-competitive.  There is a void for festivals of this kind in Illinois and we have determined that there is some interest to attend such an event from some of the schools in our area.  This would provide our program an opportunity to host a great event and provide a feature performance at the end of the evening, but also has the potential to raise $10,000-$15,000 once it gets traction - solving our student scholarship revenue problem for our entire band program.  I am looking to form a steering committee who can help me research the mechanics of putting on a festival at ETHS with the intention of launching our first event in the fall of 2017.

Click Here To Volunteer To Research And Plan Our Marching Festival!

Uniform Fitting/Care/Maintenance - We are in need of some dedicated parents to assist Ms. Bean and Mrs. Bouxsein in the fitting and care for our new uniforms.  These dedicated parents have done a fine job for us for quite some time, but the time has come to begin to train the next generation of parents to continue their legacy.  If you are willing/able to help out in any capacity, please email Bonnie Bean:
and Cathy Bouxsein:
Your help is both needed and greatly appreciated!
Room For Improvement - Please look through the Powerpoint for more information regarding attendance protocol, tardies, rehearsal efficiency, student leadership, and several other important topics.  As returning members and families, you can help do your part in solidifying a culture of excellence in the Wildkit Marching Band Program.




    Thank you so much for your time - we are really excited for the 2016 season!  I am confident this will be the best season yet!  We look forward to seeing you at Marching Band Information Night where we will reveal the 2016 Halftime Show Theme (Thursday March 3rd 7:00 p.m. in ETHS Band Room).

Go Kits!
Mr. Bufis