Color Guard Follow Up

Dear Color Guard Members and Families,
    Thank you for attending last night's meeting.  I am very appreciative of your enthusiasm and passion for the guard program at ETHS and look forward to the fall season.  As mentioned last night, I am currently searching for a new coach - both internally at ETHS and externally in the WGI and DCI circuits as well as in my circle of colleagues.  As I have any new information about our vacancy, I will follow up with you.  It is my intention to be as transparent as possible and communicate a clear process for building this program to its full potential.
    Here is where I need your help:

Freshmen Activities Fair (Beardsley Gym, Wednesday 2/24 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.) - I have reserved a table for the Color Guard to be represented at our annual Freshmen Activities Fair.  This is actually a very viable recruitment venue - several of you are in Guard now because of this event.  I am requesting that we have some student representation at this event, along with a parent chaperone (I will be on the D.C. Trip with the band).  We need to provide an inviting display at our table that shows students what color guard is and provides them with information.  I would like student input in designing an informational flyer to be passed out to students who walk by the table.  I can provide the copies of this finished flyer along with an interest sheet where students write down their contact information for us to follow up with them prior to tryouts in May.  I can also provide a TV and color guard video that loops throughout the evening to draw students in.  If you are interested in helping out with this, please stop by the office next week or send me an email - this is coming up quickly!

Email Blast To Current 8th Grade Band Students - I would like to send a separate email blast to all current D65 8th Grade Band students telling them about our Color Guard program and prompting them to try out for the group in May.  This list of students will include 8th Graders who have already signed up for the ETHS Band as well as students who decided not to continue - for these students, Color Guard could be an opportunity for them to continue with music without playing an instrument.  If you are interested in helping with this, please email me or stop by the office next week!  I will send this information out prior to our Marching Band Information Night in early March.

Potential Mini Guard Camp Summer 2016 - I need your input in creating a mini guard camp this summer in preparation for our Band Camp.  An amount of time that is an appropriate setup for our week away as a full band, but isn't asking too much of our Color Guard students.  To give you some background, most of the groups I work with outside of ETHS have some of their show routine learned prior to joining the band at Band Camp.  Routines are an added component to drill that are pretty complex, much like the added drum cadence requirements put on our Drum Line, and therefore need some added time to come together.  In addition, our new members will need some basic conditioning and prerequisite knowledge in order to keep up in our intense week away.  I would like some input from returning members so that I can get some dates on the calendar while we are still several months away.  Please email me or stop by the office to provide some input.

    Thank you again for all of your efforts, enthusiasm, and support as we transition into another season.  I know that there is some uncertainty as we look at the road ahead, but I am confident that our returning students will continue to rise to the occasion as we plan for the fall and welcome in a new coach for our group.

Go Kits!
Mr. Bufis