ETHS Jazz Festival: Request for Volunteers 2nd Call!

Sent on behalf of Diane Lequar, Kathy Bauer, and the ETHS Jazz Festival Planning Committee:

Hello again, Fantastic Band Parents,

Thank you to those who have graciously volunteered for this year’s Jazz Festival - we quickly got over half the adult volunteers we need! Now that the event is just around the corner (Feb 20th), and you can see the next page on your calendar, let's have a second wave of signups at: Adult Volunteer Sign Up  We are in greatest need of videographers and data transfer technicians at the moment. 

Thank you in advance for your help—this is an incredible event for our students and guests.  We think you will find it an extremely rewarding experience.
The sign-up sheet describes the work we need help with and allows you to sign up for a specific time slot. NO JOBS NEED ANY SPECIAL SKILLS, AND WE WILL MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND AND FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH WHAT WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO DO.  Please note that there are about the same number of parent volunteer slots as there are jazz families, so
 we hope that every family will volunteer in some way. If you have questions about any of the jobs, please email Diane Lequar or Kathy Bauer at the addresses below.

Below is a list of performance times for ETHS groups so you can make sure that you are free to watch your son or daughter perform. If you’re not sure which group or groups your child is in, rosters are listed on the jazz page at  If you would like to work in a performance venue where your child will be performing, please sign up fora slot there.

We greatly appreciate any help you can give us.  Even a half-hour can help!  And our guests will appreciate your commitment too.
Thank you!

Diane Lequar (
Kathy Bauer (

Click this 
link for the Adult Volunteer Sign-Up Form

ETHS Performance Schedule:

2016 ETHS Jazz Festival
Evanston Township High School Jazz Ensemble  9:00
Evanston Township High School So What Combo 3:00
Evanston Township High School Take 6 Combo  9:45
Evanston Township High School Jazz Lab Band  10:30
Evanston Township High School Jazz Band 12:00
Evanston Township High School A-Train Combo  2:15
Evanston Township High School 'Round Midnight Combo  3:00